2017 STELA Symposium

Improving our competitiveness in a context of globalization 


Session : Economic Situation of the Dairy Industry 


Chair: Geneviève Rainville, PLQ

8 : 30

Welcome and Opening Remarks  

Jean-Claude Dufour, dean, Faculté des sciences de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation (FSAA), Université Laval

Ismaïl Fliss, director, STELA, Université Laval

8 : 45  

Current Status and Competitiveness of the European Dairy Sector 

Véronique Pilet, CNEIL, France

9 : 15 

The Status and Trajectory of the U.S. Dairy Sector 

Andrew Novakovic, Cornell University, USA 

9 : 45   

Break, Poster Session and Networking 

10 : 30  

Risks facing the Canadian Dairy Sector 

Daniel-Mercier Gouin, FSAA, Université Laval 

11 : 00 

The Quebec Artisan Cheesemakers’s Situation : A T-Bone for a Cheese 

Louis Arsenault, Association des fromagers artisans du Québec 

11 : 30Question period and discussion with the morning speakers

12 : 00 

Lunch, Poster Session and Networking

Session: Milk – Quality and Processing Techniques 


Chair: Émie Désilets, Dairy Farmers of Canada


13 : 30Impact of Somatic Cells on the Aromatic Profile of Milk

Rachel Gervais, STELA-INAF, Université Laval 
14 : 00

Bacterial Biofilms and Milk Production

Mario Jacques, Op+Lait, Université de Montréal 

14 : 30 Break, Poster Session and Networking 
15 : 15 

Cheese Matrix, Factor Modulating Lipid Release During in vitro Digestion

Sylvie Turgeon and Léa Guinot, STELA-INAF, Université Laval

15 : 45 

How the Dairy Food Matrix Influences the Impact of Saturated Fat on Cardiometabolic Risk 

Benoît Lamarche, STELA-INAF, Université Laval 

16 : 15Innovations and Opportunities in Processes for Concentrated and Dried Dairy Products

Pierre Schuck, STLO Rennes, INRA, Agrocampus Ouest, France 

16 : 45Wine and Cheese 

Session : Fermented Dairy Products and By-Products 


Chair: Élise Gosselin, Novalait 


8 : 45

Effect of an Industrial-Type Stirring on Yogurt Quality 

Daniel St-Gelais and Valérie Guénard-Lampron, STELA-INAF, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - CRDA 

9 : 15  

Producing Caseins and Caseinates in a more Sustainable Way: New Process and Comparative Life Cycle Assessment

Laurent Bazinet and Sergey Mikhaylin, STELA-INAF, Université Laval

9 : 45    Break, Poster Session and Networking  
10 : 30        

Yogurt as a Health Food : Is Fermentation the Explanation?

André Marette and Noémie Daniel, INAF-IUCPQ

11 : 00

Adding Value to Milk Through Microbes and Novel Products 

Gregor Reid, Western University, Ontario, Canada 

11 : 30    

Use of an Eco-Efficient Technology to Recover Alpha-Lactalbumin from Dairy Products 

Alain Doyen and Alice marciniak, STELA-INAF, Université Laval 

12 : 00     Lunch, Poster Session and Networking 


Session: Fermented Dairy Products and By-Products (continued)



Chair: Michel Pouliot, Agropur Dairy Cooperative  


13 : 30  

Highlighting the Microbial Diversity of 12 French Cheese Varieties

Françoise Irlinger, INRA-AgroParisTech, France 

14 : 00

Geotrichum candidum Yeast, Diversity and Cheese Applications 

Steve Labrie and Stéphanie Vignola, STELA-INAF, Université Laval

14 : 30Break, Poster Session and Networking    
15 : 00    

Improving Eco-Efficiency in Cheesemaking by Using Concentrates: The Technological Challenges 

Yves Pouliot and Agathe Lauzin, STELA-INAF, Université Laval 

15 : 30

Use of Dairy Coproducts in Cheesemaking 

Michel Britten, STELA-INAF, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - CRDA 

16 : 00Awards Ceremony for Best Scientific Posters
16 : 15Closing remarks